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We empower small business owners to create a practical, effective marketing strategy and enjoy a work-life balance by design, not by default.

I waste so much time with the wrong customers

Marketing your business without a clear strategy just isn’t sustainable. We’ll help you build a unique marketing strategy that effortlessly aligns with your ideal customers, creating a business that compliments your life, rather than dictates it.

Master your Marketing

Follow your why
Curate a business for your ideal life

Create a sustainable and fulfilling work life that carves out time for all the things you love

Find joyful balance
Craft a strategy that works for you

Build your own unique marketing roadmap with expert step by step guidance packaged in our in-depth Master your Marketing course

Future-proofed marketing
Stay on the right track as you grow

Adapt with industry changes and nimbly navigate any bumps in the roadmap with ongoing resources and exclusive insights

Marketing mentors in your pocket

At Still&Nimble, we’re driven by our passion for helping small business owners find a joyful work life balance. Our mission is to help you master your marketing, arming you with the knowledge, confidence and skills you need to build an impactful and sustainable business.

The Notebook
Where marketing makes sense

Get that lightbulb moment. The Notebook is home to our ever-growing library of free marketing resources and exclusive expert insights that you can revisit again and again.

Marketing 101
The fundamentals

Build the right foundations for marketing your small business and you'll find the rest will slot right into place.

Create a unique strategy
Define your ideal customer
Build your marketing mix
Develop hooks and CTAs
Plan your calendar
Discover the fundamentals


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Optimise your website


Your guide to effective Google and social media ads - without burning your budget

Perfect your targeting

Your guide to marketing on social media

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