Part­ner­ship that organ­i­cal­ly grows business

Give your busi­ness the dig­i­tal plat­form it deserves. Part­ner with us to opti­mise your online pres­ence and turn qual­i­fied prospects into valu­able conversations.

Let’s face it — you are online to gen­er­ate more busi­ness. Yet chances are, you find yourself…

Wast­ing time, mon­ey and resources man­ag­ing your own online pres­ence with lit­tle results?

Get­ting poor qual­i­ty leads through your web­site in com­par­i­son to word-of-mouth referrals?

Over­whelmed with man­ag­ing your online com­mu­ni­ca­tions and reputation?

Strug­gling to be heard for what you want to say to cur­rent and poten­tial clients?

Con­stant­ly com­pet­ing for traf­fic and nev­er reach­ing the first page on Google?

Wish­ing your web­site rep­re­sent­ed your win­ning reputation?

Sound famil­iar? Want a part­ner to han­dle the bur­den of your online presence?

Web­sites, SEO, social media, email mar­ket­ing, Google busi­ness, dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing fun­nels — we man­age it all. Part­ner with us to make your online pres­ence a foun­da­tion for organ­ic growth — increas­ing lead qual­i­ty, con­ver­sion rates and your rep­u­ta­tion — with­out you lift­ing a finger.

No engage­ment?

Online pres­ence.

Increase your brand expo­sure and enhance your posi­tion­ing in the mar­ket, cre­at­ing sol­id foun­da­tions for organ­ic growth and increased authority.

  • More exposure
  • Improved rankings
  • Increased engagement

Wast­ing resources?

Mar­ket­ing fun­nels.

Enhance the client’s jour­ney across all touch points, ensur­ing they are edu­cat­ed and qual­i­fied before they reach a consultation.

  • Qualified leads
  • Happier prospects
  • Reduced drop-offs

Lim­it­ed enquiries?

Web­site traf­fic.

Ampli­fy your con­ver­sions with a new web­site built on proven con­ver­sion met­rics, opti­mised for rank­ing and eclips­ing the competition.

  • Valuable conversations
  • Increased profits
  • Reputation reflected

The dif­fer­ence is a valu­able part­ner­ship — and 12 months

We under­stand the dif­fi­cul­ty of work­ing on the busi­ness rather than in the busi­ness. A part­ner­ship with us takes the bur­den away, allow­ing you to focus time and resources on the things you do best.


  • Wasting time and resources
  • Unreliable and unqualified leads
  • Throwing money at paid advertising
  • Struggling to convert visitors
  • Stagnating online presence
  • Mis-communication


  • Increased brand exposure
  • More quality, qualified leads
  • Continual organic growth
  • Increased return on investment
  • Improved rankings on Google
  • Increased website traffic
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Client one

Launched September 2022

Still&Nimble helped us develop a vibrant and exciting brand and website. They were innovative, responsive and extremely thorough in everything they did.

Organic views

Client two

Launched February 2022

It’s refreshing to work with Still&Nimble. They are calm, clear and knowledgable, taking on board all our ideas, goals and needs. It’s a genuine pleasure working with them.

Organic views

Client three

Launched April 2022

I've received amazing service from Still&Nimble. They are accurate and always helpful during the whole process. The result tells the most how good they are.

Organic views
Aaron Kelwick Aaron Kelwick

We can do the same for you…

Speak to Mol­ly or Aaron about the dif­fer­ence we can bring to your business

What can I expect from the partnership?

Our Digital Health Check finds and fixes the critical issues that affect your ranking, your performance and your conversion rates. From your website architecture to your Google authority, your social media presence to your marketing funnels - we audit them all to get the full picture.

With an understanding of your business, our 12 week accelerated program builds the foundations for success. This could include a new website launch, the set up of ongoing SEO, PR outreach, link-building, online presence optimisation - everything your business needs for organic growth.

Over the course of an initial 12 months you will enjoy the benefits of organic growth. We will handle the burden of improving your online presence - creating content, optimising funnels, building links - all reported to you on a monthly basis.

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We are fre­quent­ly asked…

We provide the expertise of a full digital marketing team, without the hit to the payroll. A partnership is an investment in mutual growth, not a quick fix or hit and hope. We continuously manage, update and optimise your online presence to deliver smooth organic growth, without you having to spend your own time and resources trying to manage it all.

Are you currently wasting time, resources and billable hours dealing with poor quality leads? Or constantly relying on inconsistent word-of-mouth referrals? If you answered yes, then this is absolutely a good investment for you.

It's not a quick fix or get rich quick scheme - if you need leads urgently, perhaps this is not the best investment for you.

Building a foundation for organic growth takes time, but with the right investment you will continue to reap the benefits well into the future and stay ahead of the industry.

Organic growth and authority building takes time - we ask for a 12 month partnership to guarantee the best ROI, after which we continue on a rolling monthly contract that you can cancel anytime. The new website and marketing assets are yours, so there is no obligation to continue after the first 12 months.

Our 12 week accelerated program is designed to get you going quickly so you can start to see a return in the improved online presence. It will also involve a great digital PR campaign so we get you noticed right out the gate.

On top of the new website and online presence, building an organic system means we expect to see the first improvements in the search rankings after 6 months. Bigger results will come towards the end of the 12 months of partnership as the SEO link building continues to build. After the foundation has been built, with a digital partnership, you can expect to see continued movement as your authority grows.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) converts at a rate of 2.5x that of paid advertising in legal, financial and professional service sectors.

Effective SEO builds your presence and authority both on your own website and off-site. Our SEO work not only means that you rank higher on Google when people search for your services but it also increases your presence and reputation online with digital PR campaigns. We want to make sure you’re appearing in the right places so that the high-quality leads can find you... and more importantly get in touch!

We have no doubt you’ve received endless emails claiming to send you leads. But most of those services are using their own or third party mailing lists. Or they might be running paid ads on your behalf to send leads to you. While neither are necessarily wrong, the quality is often low and you end up doing a lot of work trying to qualify them. You also don’t build any lead lists of your own, so once the tap is turned off, the leads dry up.

Our system is built for organic growth. We set you up to be positioned as the go-to for your services for years to come. This system encompasses the entire process from creating content, to generating traffic to guiding it through an effective lead funnel. This means you’ll receive your leads organically as they resonate with the marketing and your high-converting website.

Absolutely you can. However, building an optimised, trusted and effective online presence requires digital marketing, SEO and web design knowledge and the time and resources to handle it continuously. Do you have the time to manage it effectively?

A digital partnership with Still&Nimble gives you a conversation optimised website, effective marketing channels, increased search engine ranking and management to keep you growing. Posting on LinkedIn is a great way to keep your online conversation going but its just the tip of the iceberg if you want to stay ahead in your industry.

No, that’s the beauty of the partnership. In the first 12 week accelerated program you’ll have more communication with us to ensure we are building and optimising perfectly to your goals but from then on your account manager will ensure everything is running smoothly.

We’ll ask for your approval on any content that is created and ask you to send us any particular company updates you’d like us to bring attention to or update on the website as and when they happen but your account manager will handle all of the communications on your behalf.

We are a team of digital marketing, SEO, web design and development experts in the UK with years of experience in growing and supporting B2B and B2C businesses, combining to help businesses like yours achieve organic growth.

Still got questions?

Aaron Kelwick Aaron Kelwick

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It’s like hir­ing an entire mar­ket­ing team. With­out the payroll.

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