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Social media is confusing and I never know what to say”

“I waste so much time talking to the wrong customer

“I don’t know how to get my new business off the ground

“Running my business is great, I just wish I had more free time

Sound familiar? It doesn’t have to be that way.

Our Master Your Marketing Course provides solid foundations for you to build both a thoughtful marketing strategy and a joyful work life balance. It’s packed full with accessible information and practical advice you can action right now – without any smoke and mirrors. Most importantly it centres around your ‘why’, to make sure we’re creating a sustainable business that truly aligns with your goals.

Focus on your 'Why'

We start by defining your ultimate lifestyle goals, whatever that may look like to you. These goals will be the anchor for you to build your marketing toolbox.

Strategy for success

Once you’ve defined your ‘why’ the course will supply the building blocks to get you there, creating an effective marketing strategy for your business.

Stay in control

Stay ahead of the curve and navigate future industry changes with our thoughtful resources and expert advice.

Ready for your small business to start thriving online?

Our comprehensive roadmap helps you create a marketing strategy for a business that compliments your life, rather than complicates it

Define your ‘Why’

What does success feel like to you? The first step of the course involves diving into what makes you tick, and how you want your life as a business owner to feel. This is central to creating a marketing strategy that works, helping you build a unique calendar that functions sustainably, effectively and joyfully.

Nail down your target audience

In order to speak to the right people, you need to get specific. The course helps you to define your ideal customer, figure out where you’ll find them, and discover the best ways to effectively communicate with them.

Sculpt your unique brand

One of our favourite things about small businesses is how wonderfully unique they are. Like fingerprints, no two are ever the same – and there’s so much power in what makes you different. The course will help you discover your own distinct brand message and authentic tone of voice, so you can connect with your audience in a natural, engaging way.

Create a calendar you love sticking to

Building a thoughtful, impactful strategy requires consistency – and that’s where your calendar comes in. The course helps you to create a marketing calendar to keep you on the right track. Unlike other marketing courses, your personal “why” is central to the process, resulting in a unique marketing calendar that flows seamlessly around all the important parts of your life.

Keep it smooth sailing

We don’t just leave you high and dry after the course is over. Our expert resources and guides will help you stay flexible, strategic and nimble, adapting to any changes in the world of marketing.

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