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Marketing 101
The fundamentals

Build the right foundations for marketing your small business and you'll find the rest will slot right into place.

Create a unique strategy
Define your ideal customer
Build your marketing mix
Develop hooks and CTAs
Plan your calendar
Discover the fundamentals

Your guide to marketing on Social Media

Don't fall into the trap of posting everything on every platform and then burning out in a week! Discover the platforms to use and how to use them to get your brand seen.

Stand out on Social Media

Email Marketing

Drive more traffic and increase sales - straight from your consumer's inbox

Better subject lines
Master scheduling
Capture more leads
Structure your emails
Enhance your emails

Public Relations

All the tools you need to get other people shouting about your business

Pitch for features
Feature your brand
Your PR toolkit
Outreach calendars
Boost your PR


Optimise your website to outrank your competitors on search engines

Creating backlinks
Content marketing
Optimise your site
Your SEO keywords
Optimise your website


Your guide to effective Google and social media ads - without burning your budget

Optimise targeting
Convert with ads
Stop wasting money
Understand analytics
Perfect your targeting