When To Send Your Email Newsletter

The timing of your newsletters is just as important as the content of them. Here's how you can determine the best time to send for your business...

Knowing your consumer

This is crucial. You can look up statistics on the best times to send email newsletters but those statistics aren't based on your specific audience. They might give you a good starting point but actually understanding what your consumer is doing at what time will give you a better idea of whether they'll even see your email.

Take a deep dive into your consumer profile and figure out their timetable and get an idea of how they're feeling throughout the day and week.

If they're rushing to get the kids to school in the morning, they probably won't have time to read your email. But if you know they'll be on a commute, perhaps catch their attention with something easy to read that doesn't require sound.

Defining Your True Consumer

Consider the content

Even if you think your consumer would be ready to open and read an email at 7pm on a Thursday evening, that doesn't mean that every email will be suitable for that time. If it's a hard-hitting thought piece, it might get opened and closed immediately. It would then be more effective to send at a time that generally has a lower open rate but is more likely to be read when it is actually opened.

Use your analytics

The most definitive answer you will get is after months of testing your email newsletter. Once you have sent out enough, you'll get a good idea from your email newsletter platform, like Mailchimp, which times bring the highest open rates.

But remember, take this into consideration with your consumer's timetable and the content of the email to use those analytics in the most effective way possible.