How To Write A Great Email Subject Line

Email marketing is still alive and kicking. Building a mailing list creates an audience that you 'own' - unlike social media platforms which could shut down tomorrow and cost you your reach. But to get your audience to actually open your email is a strategy all in itself.

The first thing your customer will see when your email lands in their inbox is the subject line. This is the only chance you get to catch their attention and motivate them to open your email.

Know your consumer

To create a subject line that is appealing to your consumer, you need to know them. Just knowing their gender, age and need for your service doesn't give you enough information to be able to relate to them. Spend some time going through our guide to defining your true consumer to get an in-depth picture of them.

You want to know their motivations, dreams and fears.

Defining Your True Consumer

Once you know them, you'll know the kind of things that'll catch their attention.

For example:

If you sell jewellery, instead of simply writing "Our latest summer collection" you could write "The jewellery you NEED for those summer parties."

Address the context

If you know your consumer well enough, you should have an idea of what their days and weeks typically look like. Have a picture of their calendar will help inform you on when to send your emails. Analytics will of course give you a better indication of the best times to send you emails but you'll know the type of content to include that'll appeal to them the most.

You can address this context in the subject line to make it feel as though you understand them and have really thought this email through and not just blasted it to thousands of people.

For example:

"Something to get you through your Wednesday..."

"An inspiring read for your lazy Sunday morning"

"Commuting? Take a look at this!"

Create a hook

We've put together a great guide on hooks and call-to-actions that'll take your email marketing to the next level. The key is to pique interest in a way that shows you truly understand your consumer. You want to create or appeal to an emotion in them.

More Clicks With Hooks & Call-To-Actions

Use emojis

Yes. Use emojis. They really work. You don't have to use them in every email subject and don't go overboard! But those colourful little icons stand out in a black and white inbox and can bring your subject line to life. We wouldn't worry about getting bogged down in the psychology of which ones to use, just use what is relevant and feels appropriate to your brand.