More Clicks With Hooks & Call-To-Actions

Your hook will open the deal and your call-to-action (CTA) will close it. It's that simple. But writing a hook that is truly effective and catches your customer's attention takes a little work and a deep understanding of their life.

A hook is typically the first line a customer will read or listen to from a piece of your content. It might be the subject line of an email newsletter or an introduction to an Instagram reel. Whatever it is, it is a chance to single out your customer and let pique their interest.

Define your one, true consumer

The secret to an effective hook is to speak to one person only. When you have one person in mind and you address them directly, your hook can become incredibly powerful. If you can draw them in with something that speaks to exactly how they're feeling in that moment or to a fear that just won't leave their mind, you'll make them feel as though you've truly seen them.

Before you go any further with planning your hooks, makes sure you've gone through our guide to defining your true consumer. This will take you through a section on dreams and fears that'll be crucial to creating effective hooks.

Defining Your True Consumer

Call them out

With your consumer profile to hand and their dreams and fears, you should have a good idea about what would catch their attention. If you walked into a party where your true consumer is standing and announced their biggest fear you'd definitely catch their attention. But you'd also catch them off-guard and make them question why this stranger is pointing out their insecurities so brazenly.

You need to find the points that you can provide answers, solutions or understanding to. These can then be addressed in a sympathetic manner appropriate to your brand.

For example

A working mum who is trying to take her side hustle full-time so that she can achieve a greater work-life balance and spend more time with her family.

Fear: She’ll miss important moments with her daughter if she doesn’t find more time to spend with her.

Hook: Do you want to stop missing out on life’s little moments?

This hook doesn't drag your consumer into guilt or call them out for not spending enough time with their family, but it speaks to that yearning for it.

Context & timing

Your hooks don't always have to reference a fear or dream, they can speak directly to the context or timing of which they're being read. If you use your consumer profile, you should have a good idea about what and when they're doing something and how they're consuming your content. You can reference this in your hook to make them feel as though they know you.

For example

Context: They're scrolling Instagram at 3pm on a Wednesday at work

Hook: Counting down the hours until you can clock off? Here's our playlist for the commute home to help you unwind...

Frustrations & needs

Another great way to hook your customer is to highlight some of the frustrations you know they have about your industry. Can they never find a service that fits with their schedule? Are the dessert options never healthy?

These are the quick wins that separate your brand from the rest and create an opportunity to demonstrate to your consumer.

Writing call-to-actions

Once you've got them hooked and then conveyed your message, you need to close. Your call-to-action should be as prescriptive as possible. Tell your consumer exactly what to do next and how.

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Every little helps

An extra touch that'll take your call-to-actions to the next level is to introduce the smallest level of investment your customer needs to make. Telling them to do something might motivate them, but reassuring them that it won't cost them much - or at all - will make it easier to click the button.

If you can follow that up with a reward, it'll make it even more enticing to follow your direction.

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