How To Create A Marketing Mix

Your marketing mix is the range of platforms and marketing activities in your strategy. There are always articles on the next big social media platform, but trying to squeeze every platform into your mix will just lead to content that doesn't connect with your true consumer. So here's how to choose...

Where is your audience?

Your audience is where your true consumer exists. This is the ONE person you are trying to talk to when putting out any content. Follow our guide to defining this person and use it to get a list of the places they exist on and offline.

If your consumer always visits a local coffee shop, a potential element of your marketing mix could be a collaborative event with the business or a free creative read that can be left on the tables.

You should also have an idea of all of the digital places that they exist like social media platforms and email.

Defining Your True Consumer

Where will you perform the best?

You've now got a list of all of the places your consumer exists, so you know every opportunity you have to speak to them. Of those, which ones will allow you to make the most impactful impression?

Brainstorm ideas around each one to see how you could best capitalise on their attention. Get creative and list as many ideas for each as you can.

Now shortlist the ideas to the ones that play into your strengths and resources. Keep in mind if any require additional budget.

Out of those shortlisted, check against your personal goals and ideal working week that you outlined in your marketing strategy to ensure that you can dedicate the time and resources to them.

The distribution

You should now have a list of different platforms and ideas that will form your marketing mix. Now you can plan out which ones will take priority or form the majority of your strategy. If you know your customer spends more attention on one than the other, consider putting out more content there and using more of your resources in creating it.

It is then useful to plan out all of the time and resources you will need to allot to each activity in the mix to create a picture of how you can work it into a strategy that works for your life.