The PR Toolkit You Need

When pitching to publications, you only get one or two small chances to make an impression and then you must deliver! This PR toolkit will ensure you have everything you need to pitch to online publications and get your brand featured.

High quality photos

Make sure you've got a few hi-res images that are relevant to your pitch.

If you are featuring a product then ensure you have at least one with the product without a background.

Logo kit

Provide a folder with your logo variations, including a solid black version.

Market research

Provide quotes, statistics and facts that are relevant to your pitch and the industry. Make sure these are followed with the up-to-date sources and links to exactly where you pulled the information from.

Think about what would be interesting to the publication or your specific contact.

Clear contact details

Make sure you've found the direct contact and know their name, relevant titles and preferred form of address. Always double check before you send that their name is spelt correctly and hasn't autocorrected!

Your USPs & mission statement

Make sure you clearly pull out your brand and product USPs in bullet points along with your brand mission statement.

Your details

Include your information, title and key contact details. Also include the details of any other relevant person in your business if they have been referenced in the pitch.