How To Create Great Content

Are you always wondering what to post next? And how you could possibly find the time to create all of the content you need for social media? We're going to share our approach and tips for content creation to make the most of your time and resources.

Our content creation strategy

If you try to think of each piece of content you have to create as a single entity then you might be looking at your content calendar wondering how on earth you're going to find the time to create all of that work. But by changing the way you structure it, you'll find you can create MORE content in LESS time.

  1. Take a look at your calendar and plan out your topics, messages and content ideas. Just the headlines will do. ⁣
  2. Out of all of your platforms, figure out which one requires the most amount of content. A blog post? A YouTube video? ⁣
  3. Now plan one idea to fit your biggest piece of content. It could be an interview, a behind-the-scenes look or an educational article.
  4. Now you can take that and plan how it can be broken down into smaller pieces of content. That interview can be cut up into snippets or broken out into its topics. The behind-the-scenes video can be cut down into GIFs, images and short clips.

From one long piece of content, you can then create several more. And all of these came from one content creation session.

For example...⁣

You record a podcast.

Film it and post it on YouTube⁣

Cut that long video into short clips to make 5 more short videos on the channel for weeks to come

Cut those videos into clips for Instagram posts & stories⁣

Create a transcript, edit it a little and now you have a blog post

Cut that blog post up into Instagram captions & Tweets

Screenshot that Tweet and post it to Instagram stories

To save even more time, you can then use social media scheduling tools to put all of this content in on one day and have it post for you the rest of the week.

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You are your content

Another stumbling block people find is feeling like they don't have enough going on to create content. But they forget that THEY are the brand. While not every small business owner will show their face, their day-to-day activities often relate or are relevant to the brand and the audience.

Whether you offer a product or a service, your business was built by you and your service is unique because of your individuality. ⁣People buy from people, so show that there's more than just a product. Give people a glimpse behind the scenes and let them see you making & creating. ⁣

When you become your brand, you won't struggle for ideas, you just share what's already happening. ⁣This doesn't mean you have to document everything you eat in a day. Share the moments that help to create the story of your brand.⁣

How to take better photos

Keep the composition simple

Make the subject the dominant object by getting it in the centre of the frame or making it the largest object in the composition.

Draw the eye

Lead your customer straight to the subject of the photo by using lines and perspective. Look out for any natural leading lines or create them if you're setting up your own image.⁣

Edit the brightness and contrast

The easiest thing you can do is to increase the brightness and then slightly increase the contrast of the photo.

Lighting is key

Natural daylight is great - and free! Consider the time of day and the type of light that will suit the look you're going for. A soft, warm golden hour photo? Or a moody morning shot full of contrast?⁣

Create contrast

Is there anything you can do in the shot to contrast the textures or colours? The contrast will help objects stand out. ⁣

Take LOTS of photos

Keep taking the photo from slightly different angles, at different distances and with different compositions. It's much easier to find the best one of a bunch than to try and figure out the best one before you take the photo. ⁣

Check the focus

One of the most common mistakes is not adjusting the focus of the photo. Make sure to tap on the object on your phone screen before you take it so that your camera knows exactly where to focus. ⁣

Your phone might even have a portrait mode that'll 'blur' the background. This will bring more attention to the subject.