How To Use LinkedIn To Promote Your Business

LinkedIn often gets overlooked as a marketing platform. But we're here to show you how you can use it to promote your business - without being too corporate!

LinkedIn has a bit of a reputation for being the stuff, corporate platform that people are forced to use by their bosses. But the truth is, where there is attention there is opportunity. If people are actively using LinkedIn at work or browsing in their evenings, where they are trying to stay up to date or looking for new job opportunities, their eyes are on the platform. And so if you can get your brand on their feed, you've got their attention just like you would have done on Instagram. BUT there's less competition on LinkedIn and so you have a better chance of your post being seen, and being seen by more people as LinkedIn does a lot of boosting work for you.

LinkedIn is about networking

While every social media platform claims to be about connection, LinkedIn is truly built as a networking platform and so its in its DNA to help share content and connect people. It wants its users to find other people so that they have a better experience on the platform.

So it's not a question of IF you can get your content seen, it's just HOW?

What to post on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn strategy 1: The business profile

This is what most people try first. You can build a profile for your business and post as the brand itself.

Don't misunderstand LinkedIn, however, you don't need to post formal, serious, business content. The same people that view your content are the same people that will open up the Instagram app. They won't suddenly switch personalities. But you do want to bear in mind that they can only share content or appear to be interacting with content that is appropriate for their job role.

What to post:

  • Brand wins - had some success? Share the story of how it happened.
  • Behind the scenes
  • Relate to a local or recent event
  • Comment on industry news relevant to your niche
  • A funny or inspiring story related to your niche
  • An interesting conversation you recently had with a customer
  • A step by step look at how something is created

The more relatable your content is, the more likely it is that people will interact with it. As they do, it'll get shared on their network's feed as something they've connected with.

By the same token, make it a habit to regularly interact with other posts within your niche to increase exposure to your brand.

Make use of interesting and effective hooks and call-to-actions to break up the monotony of their business feeds.

More Clicks With Hooks & Call-To-Actions

LinkedIn strategy 2: The industry leader

This one tends to be the most effective and will build a profile for you as an individual that'll serve you in your business and any other future ventures.

You want to spend time building up your own profile as an owner of your business.

Your name will be connected to the brand and you can share content from your website but always speaking with your own voice.

You don't want to appear as another sales pitch, just repeating what your brand is communicating, you want to share your thoughts as an individual and your role behind the scenes. People will begin to connect with you and your personal journey and story with your brand, which will indirectly create a connection to your brand.

People invest in people and so using this opportunity to raise your profile will build trust in the business too.

What to post:

  • Why you started the business
  • Your journey in building it
  • Triumphs and challenges and the story about overcoming them
  • Your personal wins
  • Advice and tips
  • Recent behind the scenes of how you've achieved something
  • Personal commentary on industry news

And as with the business profile, find every opportunity to engage in conversation within your niche.

Join LinkedIn groups and engage within them as regularly as possible and provide value to the members without explicitly promoting your business.