The Best Social Media Tools

Over the years we've used and loved many tools that have saved us time or just simply made our work easier. Sharing these with you will making implementing your digital marketing strategy easier to stick to and hopefully save you a little time do what you enjoy.

Scheduling tools

These are the tools that will allow you to schedule social media posts to go out at a time that is the most suitable to your audience without you having to be there live.

We don't recommend that you solely rely on these as you will need to communicate and build real connections, but they will save you a lot of time and stress about having to post all day, every day!

Many of these have a free plan to get you started on your journey.


This is amazing for when you get stuck for content ideas and can simply 'ReBuffer' a previous piece of content and transform it. Great for those who post articles regularly.


A great one for visualising how your content will look over the month - perfect if your strategy is Instagram heavy

Facebook Business Suite

Believe it or not, Facebook's own tools have come a long way. They are free and already at the click of a button on your business page. They will also display your analytics which will be powerful in deciding what and when to post.


This is what we have been using recently. If you are already using Canva for content creation then its scheduling tool will keep everything in one place to reduce the headache of switching between apps!


We'd highly recommend investing in Tailwind if Pinterest is going to form a large part of your strategy. It will allow you to schedule all of your Pins to multiple boards and set an interval so that it'll automatically post them several days apart.

How To Create A Marketing Mix

Content creation tools


Canva already has lots of great free template options to create professional-looking social media posts. It's easy to use and will also store your designs to reuse in the future so that you can build consistency.


This is a free photo editing app that is perfect for sprucing up candid photos from your phone to upload straight to Instagram. Our tip is to find a preset that you like and that suits your brand and try to stick with it for most of your images to keep some consistency.