How To Use TikTok To Promote Your Business

TikTok isn't just for teenagers or the latest dance trends. It's yet another opportunity to capitalise on the mass attention it's getting as every second goes by.

Should I use TikTok for my business?

The short answer is, yes. Almost every business could find a way to create relevant, valuable content on TikTok that would build their brand and audience.

In 2021, the current age of TikTok users are:

  • Aged 10-19 | 32.5%
  • Aged 20-29 | 29.5%
  • Aged 30-39 | 16.4%
  • Aged 40-49 | 13.9%
  • Aged 50+ | 7.1%

(Source: Statista)

And these figures are of 689 million total monthly users.

If your target consumer falls into any one of these categories, you have an audience on TikTok.

Defining Your True Consumer

How do I use TikTok for my business?

TikTok is your chance to get creative. You can post frequently and keep trying content over and over until you hit upon something that works.

The key is to keep it fun and authentic.

You can start by checking out the trending hashtags to see what current trends are being shared and see if you can recreate any that are in keeping with your brand. The trick with TikTok is to find unique twists on the trends.

Check out our guide to creating your marketing strategy for more guidance on how to provide value to your consumer.

Some successful content that we've seen working for small businesses:

  • A behind-the-scenes look
  • How the product is made
  • Answering common industry questions
  • A look into the lifestyle around your product or service
  • People using your product or service

The TikTok strategy

The aim with TikTok is to post as frequently as possible. You can keep reformatting the same content ideas but with new takes or with new music and sounds.

In addition to posting your own content, try to reach out and engage with other creators within your niche. The more their followers see you leaving valuable and engaging comments, the more likely it is that they'll check out your content.

Have fun with it! Your audience will see if you're just half-heartedly jumping on a trend to promote your product. Try to find interesting ways to build your brand without directly selling.