The Ultimate Guide To Twitter Marketing

Twitter can be a great platform to build brand awareness and start conversations in your niche. We'll also share how it can be a great tool for securing PR coverage for your small business.

With a short character limit, Twitter is one of the more 'restrictive' social media platforms and it can often move fast. You may know it as a place to break news stories over the years and this fast pace can provide a great opportunity for your marketing.

Once you have put together your digital marketing strategy, you'll want to spend some time getting to know Twitter a little before you jump in. The best place to start is to identify hashtags that are related to your niche and then observing the conversations within them.

These hashtags are where you can begin to build connections and share your thoughts on current events relating to your industry.

How to create a great Twitter profile

Your profile picture

The image you choose should be your logo or a clear image of you if it is a personal brand. If you have a choice of colour variations, go with the one that'll stand out the most.

Your bio

Your bio should be short and sweet. You have a short character limit so stick to your tag line or mission statement along with a link to your website or latest piece of content/ product.

The header

As on Facebook, you also have a header image that can be used to display more of your brand's personality or highlight a product or service.

The small business Twitter strategy

Timely & relevant content

Twitter is not the place to just share endless promotions or all of the benefits of your business. Twitter is a great platform to find and relate to your audience and show the more human side to your brand. It's easy to get caught up with perfectly curated content on platforms like Instagram, but Twitter should be a little more candid and 'of the moment.'

If there has been a recent event, meme or news story that is relevant to your business, share it with your thoughts or take on the matter.

If you're at an event or are travelling, share your experience along the way - live - so that your audience feels as though they can really connect with your brand.

Curate & converse

The other key factor in your strategy should be conversation. With the hashtags you've identified for your niche, keep up to date with the latest conversations within them and join in! You don't even need to mention your business or offering as your Twitter name will do that for you.

If you're providing interesting, natural commentary then people will be intrigued to find out more about you. It will also serve to build the credential of your brand within those spaces.

A great way to keep track is to create Twitter lists. These can be private or public. You can create lists for different things you want to keep tabs on and add people to them. Twitter will then curate a new feed based solely on the members of the list you have chosen.

Tip: When you make a list public, the members are notified of having been added to it. So use this as an opportunity to boost their ego a little and make yourself known. E.g "Top Eco Writers"

Host & Participate

Twitter is also home to 'chats.' These are unofficial chat events that are usually hosted by a brand or leader in a space to create conversation around a particular topic. They will be at a set day and time every week and so you can tune in and expect more people to be live at that moment and interested in a topic.

Try and find one relevant to your niche and if there aren't any, consider creating one and inviting other people in the space to start participating!

What to post on Twitter

Sharable content

Retweeting is one of the most powerful functions Twitter has as it allows for information to be spread FAST. Unlike other platforms, people are less hesitant to share content on Twitter as they're not concerned about curating their own profile as they are on platforms like Instagram. Your audience will Retweet one of your Tweets if it falls into the following content types:

  • Relatable
  • Funny/meme
  • Hot take on a current event
  • Thought-provoking
  • Competition

Be sure to use effective hooks and call-to-actions

More Clicks With Hooks & Call-To-Actions

Creative brand content

Along with your commentary and brand building activity, Twitter is a chance to drive traffic back to your site. Try to limit how often you are linking back off the site to your own content but generally a 70/30 rule from non-linking to your own content can be applied.

When you post your content, try not to just use the title as the Tweet. Transform the content in some way and add a comment to give context or an enticing reason to click off and view it.

Images & video

As you can imagine, scrolling through Twitter can be very text heavy and there are a lot of people competing for your attention with their most witty remarks. Images and videos allow a feed to be broken up and catch your attention. You don't need to include an image with every Tweet but it will ensure your Tweet takes up more room on a feed and create another opportunity to catch attention.

Twitter Moments

Twitter Moments allow you to create a collection of Tweets around a particular 'moment' like an event or news story. You can create Moments of the best content surrounding a moment relevant to your niche so that as people are searching for them, you are seen as an active participant - even if you weren't the one to write the best Tweets in your Moment!

You can also create your own brand Moments which are great for collecting the Tweets around a certain event, campaign or discussion

Getting PR coverage

As we discussed following hashtags on Twitter to join conversations, Twitter is also home to a lot of journalists who often need a quick interview, quote or input from industry leaders. The quickest way for them to reach out is to use PR request hashtags for fellow journalists or industry professionals to help them out.

If you keep tabs on these hashtags on a regular basis, you may come across opportunities to share your own thoughts in your niche. This method can lead to a lot of great coverage with little effort on your part.

Ones to watch:

  • #PRRequest
  • #JournoRequest
  • #SourceRequest