How To Use YouTube To Promote Your Business

YouTube is one of the most daunting platforms to a lot of small businesses because it requires speaking on video most of the time. However, there are lots of ways you can use the platform to work for you and your brand.

The Youtube marketing strategy

Create a persona

There's nothing better than video to build a picture of you or your brand. For the most part, people relate to people and so having you or your voice within your videos will be the most effective way of building a connection with your audience.

It also brings your brand to life and gives it a face, a voice and a more tangible personality. Find ways to inject your personality into the videos - whether that's in the way you voice things, use music or the way things are filmed and edited.

Share the real brand

Don't use your YouTube channel as a place to just host your glossy product videos. Sure, you can upload them when you have new brand launches or events, but use YouTube as an opportunity to build the brand around your product or service.

YouTube is becoming a main source of entertainment for a lot of people around the world and content is becoming more and more niche as viewers find smaller creators that serve them EXACTLY what they're looking for.

Find what makes your brand unique and share everything around that. The REAL behind the scenes content. Perhaps sharing your own journey in running the brand.

Inform & inspire

Your videos don't need to be talking about your product or service, they can be educating or inspiring people with content related to your niche. For example, if you have a homewares business, consider sharing videos on how to style different spaces, introductions to design movements and architecture.

Get into the mind of your consumer and revisit those questions about the other content they consume. They're multifaceted and perhaps you've found that your target consumer for your homewares also love gardening! You can play around with introducing different types of content to see what your audience responds to.

Defining Your True Consumer

Getting more views

Creating your content might seem like the most difficult task but getting views once it is uploaded is often where people fail. We won't lie, it's incredibly difficult to build an audience on YouTube but it is something that has to be committed to as a longer-term strategy. Once you begin to build your niche audience, they are there for YOU. A YouTube audience is generally a much more motivated one than what you might find on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter because they are investing often hours to watching you.

Aside from perseverance, there are some key things you can do to optimise your videos for more views...

Research your keywords

Within your niche, there will be keywords, phrases and commonly searched questions. These are what people will be typing into the YouTube search box and will give you your greatest chance of being seen. You don't have to make every video and keyword hit but find a selection of the most popular and try to include them regularly within your mix.

As you build up more of an audience, this becomes less essential unless you want to expand the audience.

Research trends

As well as keeping note of what is commonly searched for, try to stay on top of trends within your niche. It's likely you'll spot something becoming popular and can try to gear your content towards it for when people inevitably start searching for it.

Create longer videos

It's great to aim for at least 10 minutes per video as this gives viewers enough to get stuck into and stick around on your channel. YouTube wants to keep people watching for as long as possible so it typically prefers longer-form videos in its ranking. However, don't stretch out a video for the sake of it. YouTube keeps into account how long people are watching for and so if it looks like people are dropping off after 5 minutes because the rest of the video isn't valuable, it'll drop your rankings.

Complete the description

Your video will have a description field that will allow you to describe the video a little using keywords but also leave links to your products and services or any brand content that you mention.

Add cards

Throughout the video, you have the option to add 'cards' which are little boxes that appear in the top right corner of a video. Whenever another video of yours seems relevant to a section of content in the video, reference it in a card. This gives the viewer more of your content to watch to not only give your channel more views but also to show YouTube how valuable your content is.

Use call-to-actions

Ensure that within your video you are encouraging people to subscribe or like the video and explain what they can expect from future videos from you. You can keep this short and sweet.