Going back to our roots — a sus­tain­able Still&Nimble

By Aaron Kelwick

The sto­ry of Still&Nimble is a fun­ny one. Despite work­ing togeth­er for years, through all forms of agen­cies and free­lance, it was a pass­ing con­ver­sa­tion on sus­tain­abil­i­ty that actu­al­ly root­ed the idea.

We shared a collective belief that fulfilment came from staying small, prioritising balance and creating work that amplified the voice of changemakers. For years we’ve silently championed sustainability and advocated for websites and marketing that help businesses make a difference. Yet, we’ve neglected to address our own, until now. We’re going back to our roots, embracing our size and background in branding, websites and digital marketing to help good busi­ness­es have greater impact.

Making our presence a little bit lighter

We can’t champion sustainable, performant websites without addressing our own, so we’ve whittled down and optimised every element to create a site low on carbon and high on impact. We’re hosted on Digital Ocean green energy servers, cleaner than 99% of websites tested, rated amazing on Beacon and producing only 0.01g of CO2. 

Building a low carbon website started right at the beginning, before pushing any pixels, where we asked fundamental questions about what is actually essential.

We questioned, do we need images? Do we need videos? Do we even need Javascript? 

The result is a site with a very low carbon footprint which is better for the environment and more inclusive, both in terms of a visitor's connection speed and device computing power.

Other than our privacy focused analytics from Fathom Analytics, the site doesn't use any additional javascript. It has been an interesting journey to make this possible using only CSS without compromising on animations and interactions.

The design relies heavily on typography, especially balancing two complimentary typefaces. To limit the impact of loading the fonts, they're self hosted and we subset them to only load the characters we are using.

The Blitz plugin provides full page caching which is standard practice we use for all our Craft websites. Once a page is cached all subsequent requests are served from a static html file and Craft is not required. This significantly improves the time to first byte (TTFB), i.e. the length of time the server takes to complete the request, reduces the amount of work the server needs to do (using less energy) and also means the site can handle more traffic.

For the few images we have around the site we are using imgix to act as both a CDN and image processor which allows us to serve modern compressed images in AVIF and WEBP format for browsers that support them and older formats such as jpg and png for legacy browsers, pretty neat!

We're also an Ecologi Climate Positive Workforce®, offsetting all of our emissions, and members of the Sustainable Creative Charter. 

Embracing our size

We’re a small, remote agency with backgrounds in branding, websites and digital marketing, which means we have a few tricks up our sleeves.

Firstly we have the space to care, so we’re selective over our projects and only work with clients we’re confident we can help. Whether that’s gen­er­at­ing greater aware­ness, build­ing brand loy­al­ty, deliv­er­ing high­er on-site con­ver­sions or evolving your identity­­­­, we’re there to give you our full focus.

We’re also fully transparent - there are no account directors or managers at Still&Nimble, you’ll work directly with us. We build relationships that make projects smoother and more enjoyable.

“It was refreshing to work with Still&Nimble. They were calm, clear and knowledgable. They took on board all our ideas, goals and needs. It was a genuine pleasure working with them.”

Kevin Brown

Championing our clients

Mostly we’re advo­cates for experiences that are inclu­sive to all, empa­thet­ic of bar­ri­ers and respect­ful of the plan­et. Our goal is to help you reach more of your audience, even the ones you think you’re already speaking to. We can only do that with a thorough understanding of your business and the hurdles we need to jump, so we’ll dig deep until it becomes second nature.

Ultimately, your success is our success and we pride ourselves on seeing your business make a difference.

Are you looking for a sustainable agency that cares, or do you have a project in mind? Get in touch or tell us a little about your project and we’ll have a chat, see if we’d make a good fit.